This tab will only appear for Carroll Touch IR screens and When you run EloVA using one of the above options, touch each of the three targets as they appear on the screen. Click on Elo icon at the bottom of the screen Elo Tool Tray and a control panel screen appears. System reboot may be requiredin order to get the pre-calibrated monitors to work correctly. The size of the wire-frame square displayed in the Double click area tab is the actual size of double-click area accepted by Windows. This tab only appears for Carroll Touch screens and It continuously monitors the health of the IR beams and reports any problems.

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Elo Touch Solutions Driver User Manual

This is your last opportunity to change your Clntroller port selection before the driver files are installed. Installation progress screen will appear as shown. Running EloVA from the Properties page avoids the need to align all monitors in a multiple monitor application when only a single monitor alignment is desired.

The Control Panel application allows configuration of the driver to suit application programs and presents system and diagnostic information to the user. Mouse Emulation Drag and Double-click. The EloVA icon will launch the video alignment program only for the monitor associated with the current Properties tab.


Elo TouchSystems: Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)

If the cursor does not appear at the position touched, click the blue arrow and the alignment program will run again. This option is controlle available. The application will update the serial number.

After the initialization process is complete, test the touchscreen. Setup Complete screen will appear. You can also wait controllfr the program times out as indicated by completion of the progress bar.

The frequency Tone and the Duration of the beep can be adjusted by moving the appropriate slider in this tab with the touchscreen or mouse, or by using the keyboard arrow keys. Sets spr duration of the touch beep.

Selections or changes to the settings in this tab will be applied when the “Apply” button is clicked. Check this box to write any future beam failure messages to a file named: The beam test rate range is from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. It will bring the Advanced Features screen. Defines the right click delay value in milliseconds.

EloTouch Solution | Support | Driver Download

Multiple monitors, Serial and USB controllers Run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the installation files and initiate the EloSetup installer. Run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the files, using the Run EloSetup option. Properties 1, Properties 2 are the controllers installed. The Right Click Area section allows you to configure the area to generate a right click. Selected COM port s will appear in the next screen.


Touch targets firmly to complete touchscreen s calibration. Note that the double-click box size is independent of screen resolution and must be defined for each user. For advanced modifications, click on the Advanced button in the Properties tab. When each target point is touched, it will move to a new target location.

Clicking on the Advanced button will launch the Advanced Features window.

By double clicking the Elo icon in the Windows task bar at the bottom right contrroller the display. For example, if you can have three touch-screens connected to the system, they can be configured in any of the contropler ways:. Silent Install and DOS command line options. Elo uses a three-point calibration sequence that will accept touchscreens with any orientation of the X or Y axis, in landscape or portrait mode. Selects an object if it was at the initial point of contact.

The EloSetup program for this driver may also be run as an attended or unattended program from a command line, batch file, etc.