Create subfolders by month, year, or any other category that is most helpful to you. To download the Job Manager, visit the driver downloads page. For your more advanced settings and to access your pre-saved configurations. Open the catalog to page 4. Double click the preview window to review and edit laser parameters and print from the preview screen. Fusion 32 M2 Fiber Laser. Open the catalog to page 3.

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With more options than ever, the Laser Dashboard is the most intuitive and flexible laser print driver ever designed. The Epilog Job Manager: When you are designing a project for the laser, the print driver is your interface to the machine. Speed and power settings can be changed on the fly Lifetime technical support with free software updates UK and Ireland based engineers with stock of spare parts.

With the Epilog Job Manager you can pull up the job and the settings you used to get the perfect engraving! Laser Marking – how can you affordably mark metal parts with barcodes and logos? Zoom in and preview every pixel of every job.

You can organize files by category, creation date, print date, or alphabetically to find a specific file. Organize Your Print Jobs in Folders Setup custom folders for your most common customers to easily access their jobs. Find Your Job History Look back at every time that a job has been sent to a laser. We collect data about players and Minecraft servers in order to provide visualizations and other analytics over the dashboard, to improve the dashboarv of our plugins and to enable scientific research.


Receive a Brochure and Samples. The Epilog Job Manager features a powerful search function. General Tab – Your Control Panel to the Driver Access the most commonly used features of the print driver all from one user-friendly screen. Open the catalog to page 2.

Epilog Lasers

To download the Job Manager, visit the driver downloads page. Color Mapping for Added Versatility Use color to perform multiple laser functions is a single job. These lasers are fitted with Read the epilog user manual for a complete list of commands, configurations and permissions. dasnboard

Use them at your own risk. The Epilog Job Manager is a powerful new tool that will quickly become one of your favorite features on your laser system.

Type in part of a file name and press enter to find all files related to that name. LBB – Mini It uses a solid state fibre laser source running at nm Open the catalog to page 3. When that interface is easy to operate, your laser becomes more productive and you feel comfortable taking advantage of all of the many features included in the Laser Dashboard.


Open the catalog to page 1. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Receive brochures and samples, and get more info from us or your local distributor.

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Epilog Laser Engravers | CSI Manufacturing

Open the catalog to page 4. Country Choose your country below: You can also see the different epilov you used for each engraving.

GB 90, IE T. Import Your Material Settings Material settings based on your wattage of laser will be automatically loaded into the system so you can import them into any laser job.

Setup custom folders for your most common customers to easily access their jobs.