Lists with This Book. Despite fashioning himself as a world leader, Hitler seemed more at ease in a car talking to his driver than he did in most formal settings. German tanks and German armoured vehicles? There he was arrested by American C. I have no further questions, Mr. At that time you crawled back, did you not?

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He asked you what? Kempka joined the Nazi Party on 1st of April as memberI was not picked up. For that damned petrol of yours Did you have any conversation with the drivers of them? But did not you and Bormann have any conversation about how you would get out of Berlin when you left the Reich Chancellery bunker at about nine o’clock that night? Hitler frequently rode in the front seat with his driver and they became well acquainted, even friends as time went by.

I was hoping to find a lead in to The Devil’s Mercedes. He even once made a joke! He was also Gerda Christian ‘s first husband, but they divorced at Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu Witness, in what capacity wrich you employed near Hitler during the war?


By then, Kempka oversaw a fleet of 40 vehicles, 60 drivers and mechanics. I was behind the tank, about – on the left-hand side behind the tank.

And how long between the conversation and the explosion?

Erich Kempka: Driving Hitler and his Limousines

Published February 19th by Frontline Books first published Invariably, they wore the Mercedes-Benz star atop their grilles. Sign In Don’t have an account? Under constant Soviet artillery fire, Kempke, Linge and others poured petrol over the bodies and burnt them. I just walked along, yes.

Hitler had been an avid proponent of Mercedes since hitlee days of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, and he had insisted on the marque after a truck hit his Mercedes inleaving him without a scratch. All are portrayed as delusional until the last. Hutler rated it liked it Jan 20, Goebbels committed suicide and Rosenberg swung in the Nuremberg Gaol, but Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer, finding himself in Spandau Prison after the war to serve a year sentence, spent those two decades secretly penning his memoir.


Interrogation of Erich Kempka

Interrogation of Wolfram Sievers. On 1 DecemberKempka joined the Lebensborn society. Had you been in the Chancellery just before this? You just walked along? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Interrogation of Erich Kempka – Wikisource, the free online library

Hitler had missed the explosion of a planted bomb by a mere 12 minutes. Hitler insisted that he had nothing to fear from the German volk —at least, he did until a failed assassination attempt in ericu his mind. That was at the tank block behind the Friedrichstrasse Station at the Weidendamm Bridge.

It forced me to humanize a figure that I have seen as superhuman for so many years. Werner Farwick from Berlin sent me kindly the grave photo. No, I have not seen him again either.