Windows Basics Working with documents Computer documents include word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files. If you do not see Broadcast Radio, drag the scroll bar on the left. Warning CD When working with peripheral devices or replacing memory modules, always follow installation instructions closely. Using an inkjet color printer, you can print pictures, banners, and greeting cards, as well as documents. Changing from one display to another After you have set up the second display on your convertible tablet PC to be a television, you can quickly switch between viewing the display on the LCD panel and viewing it on the television. Customizing Your Gateway M Adding and modifying user accounts You can create and customize a user account for each person who uses your convertible tablet PC. The N ero’s 77 tie and CD Data base dialog box opens.

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Save the battery for times when you cannot use a power adapter. You cannot copy tracks from these CDs. To find out if your convertible tablet PC has an internal wireless device, check the label see “Identifying your model” on page 10 or the device manager.

If you have a telephone modem, use a surge protector that has a modem jack. Monitor the battery charge by: To recover files or folders from the Recycle Bin: For more information, see “Turning on the Power on Lid Lift feature” on page If you use your convertible tablet PC several hours every day, you probably want to run Error-checking once a week.


Inkjet printers and cartridges are relatively inexpensive, but they are slower than laser printers. You must empty the Recycle Bin to permanently delete them from your gatewsy tablet PC. Therefore, thepen shipswith extra points and a replacement tool. Power Take your AC etuernet adapter to recharge the battery.

Your convertible tablet PC dials the Internet account telephone number. If the program starts automatically, go to Step 8. Information on the Web comes to you on Web pages, which are electronic documents that you view using a Web page display program called a browser.

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To change the desktop background: Increase the brightness of the display. For more information about shortcuts, see your Windows or program documentation.

The My Documents window opens and displays many of your saved personal data files. Do not sharply strike the display. ethernrt

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H Gateway Homepage – Microsoft Internet Explorer File Edit View Favorites Gatewya Help You can search for information by viewing the help contents, checking the index, searching for a topic or keyword, or browsing through the online help. When you cut and paste a file or folder, you remove the file or folder from its original location and place the file or folder on the Windows clipboard.

For more information, see “Finding your specifications” on page For more information about using the Pinnacle Expression, see its online help. Upgrading Your Gateway M 11 Remove the bracket from the old drive. It also protects you from losing important information if the hard drive fails or you accidentally delete files.


Also, tape your business card or an address label to your convertible tablet PC and accessories. See “Changing advanced settings” on etherrnet for more information. The access point is the central control point for the network.

drivers computer: Gateway M

Networking Your Gateway M Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless Ethernet network if you are setting up or joining a temporary computer-to-computer network. Calibration ensures the accuracy of the pen and adjusts the screen’s performance for different users. MP3 files end in the file extension.

Maintaining Your Gateway M www. Formoreinformation,see”Cleaning your convertible tablet PC” on page The Disk Defragmenter program organizes the data on the drive so each file is stored as one unit rather than as multiple cpntroller scattered across different areas of the drive.

Copying and moving files and folders The ski I Is you need to copy and movefiles are called copying, cutting, and pasting.

For more information, see “Using the memory card reader” on page