Booting off with the same hard drive in my Laptop takes 2 mins. Hmm, is there a jumper on the back of the drive? Very well could be that USB 2. I just got the replacement motherboard sealed and new from the box and it has the same exact problem. Join Date Dec Posts Once it is loaded, the sytem itself is much faster that the old one, but the slow loading of the boot image and initramfs from the flash is KILLING me, since I am constantly rebooting to test new code on multiple configs. I just sent the ticket to them, but if they ask me to return the board for replacement.

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They haven’t replied yet. Using the same external drive tried others as wellin my laptop ICH8 it is way faster. Join Date Jun Posts 1.

I got the 1. I don’t know about the rev 2. My usb devices won’t turn off even if the system is off, but that is a different story.

G31M-ES2L / USB Speed issue

I just tried now. I think USB 2. I also tried swapping RAM from my other systems and they’re all the same. Hmm, is there a jumper on the back of the drive? I see often they reply in hours, but it is already Friday night there now. If this is normal, I guess that’s what I get for what I pay for. I’m also having problems with the USB power.


Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L User Manual: Usb Controller; Usb Keyboard Support

This is the most interesting part. I hope I get news from gigabyte. I dunno, it still doesn’t work. I’ll try to send another ticket. If you don’t hear from them by monday I would ask again So It is still slow by itself then?

It seems ok, just like a normal hdd. They both have ICH7, if than even matters. I’ve tried several different flash drives but no luck.

ChromaSoft: Solving the dreaded Gigabyte “Won’t boot from USB” problem

I’m already tempted to check it with my 10k WD raptor to see if it is the same. But after the boot process and it is already in the desktop. It takes 10 times longer for the boot image and initramfs to load off the flash than ga-g31mes2l K8NE did. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! Right now, I installed Ubuntu in my External hdd and it boots so slow 5mins?


My external hard drive booting off my G31m-Es2L takes about 12mins. Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members.

It works fine except for one thing — USB speed booting off of the flash drives. It is normal as a normal hdd connected to a SATA port. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. I also have other Enclosures here and tried those, it is still usbb.

I needed the smaller mobo since I was changing to a new case. I ask that because I know some devices have their own controllers which can conflict with the onboard ones. I tried disabling USB 2. However, I just want to know in my heart that I did not buy a defective product. Booting off with the ga-g31m-e2sl hard drive in my Laptop takes 2 mins.