That has caused some problems exactly like the one you are describing here for me in the past. Let’s hope Razer comes with a fix fast. I’ve fixed it by going into task manager and ending a process called “Razer in-game engine” or something. I’ve had this issue for over a year now. What happens is that when you mouse over something too far in the distance, the mouse goes away. Hopefully you are right!

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Thought I’d keep this here in case anyone needs help because i’ve been struggling with it for months and i’m happy to say the Tratt’s post works! Anyway the solution for me, which still makes no sense at all considering this issue followed me across Windows 7, 8 and now 10, was to update my audio driver provided by microsoft to the proper one from realtek. Glithcy tier Blizzard tech support has never heard of my issue when I had a lengthy ticket with them from over a year ago.


Go to your Task Manager and end that Process and it should fix it. Very weird wow camera glitch. Same shit here, but with a OC’d k which is more than enough for WoW. Mouae wanted to say, using a g, updated my drivers and everything.


Very weird wow camera glitch. : wow

Glitchy mouse in Oww Hm, interesting. No idea what causes it, no idea how to fix it. I’ve had this issue since WoD. If you are using wired mode and your mouse can be in wireless mode. Does that mean that whenever I run WoW I have to go fiddle in my task manager? Just flip the switch.

Got this issue too, then again I had it a little bit before 7. If anyone finds this while having this issue, go to this link https: Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Glitchy mouse in WoW Over the past few weeks I’ve tlitchy running into some mouse problems. The sensitivity is getting overridden somehow.

All the sudden this changes my camera angle to look straight up into the air and start spinning. Official Returning Player’s Guide. Ever since the cataclysm systems patch. Considering the fact that it’s multiple mouse brands, and a lot of people suddenly got it after 7.

Make sure you turn off the mouse at the bottom. I had pretty much this exact issue when I installed Synergy. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

That’s only mildly annoying. Want to add to the discussion? Frequently have twitch streams and YouTube videos up while playing. I have a Naga. Ofc this is only if you have a mouse that can go between wired and wireless. Never buying another Razer.


Glitchy mouse in WoW Don’t have a solution for you but I’ve noticed at least the disappearing mouse glitch as well, seems to have appeared after the upgrade not the one today but the one a few days back. Here’s a video of it in action. It only seems to happen if I have a Twitch stream open and less often if I have a YouTube video playing on my second monitor.

When I hold my right mouse button to move my camera, somtimes randomly for a second or two, my camera sensitivity will sky rocket causing what normally would be a 45 degree camera spin do a degree spin, then itll go back to normal. I cannot control where my camera angle will be and ive tried 2 mouses, resets, and changing mouse sensitivity.