Many motherboards with AC’97 audio need two jumpers to short the pins in case no front panel audio module is connected, so audio passes to the speakers. Identify the Problem Most cards seem to work as of Ubuntu 9. This page was last edited on 13 October , at Eventually, I pressed Esc to end alsamixer and save my changes. If the headphones are not plugged in, the jack directs the audio to the return pins that are connected to the speakers. The cable looks somewhat like this , with the AC 97 connector attached to the HD audio connector. However the connectors are only semi-compatible.

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Checking this forum post and this guideI’ve managed to get a configuration that seems to work fine.

I no longer saw my Intel HDA soundcard listed in the gnome sounds settings. After a lot of digging I eventually bda out the cause of the problem, and a temporary fix. In the AC’97 design, the audio output is always sent to the jack. This would also allow you to undo the changes if they don’t work, by simply downgrading back to the original package version.

If you found this article, or the tools I write, useful, please consider dropping a few bucks in the tip jar. HD Audio is generally more capable. This apparently seems to be for systems with non standard HD audio implimentations. The different signal assignments can cause trouble when AC’97 front-panel dongles are used with HDA motherboards and vice versa. Then try solving the problem using the instructions below.

I’m currently setting up a older system in a new case i’ll be upgrading it in stages, and the old parts then go back into the old case ;pand i’m having a bit of confusion over which cable to use, and what the difference is. I’m not sure of the exact different I assume that HD audio will gives better audio quality but I’ll always go for HD audio if the mainboard has it, if the mainboard only has AC97 then I’ll use AC97 connector.

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HdaIntelSoundHowto – Community Help Wiki

To find your codec use this command from a terminal: On the other hand HD audio cables have a wire and terminal connecttor lurking there, waiting silently in that cold dark hole poised and ready for the time when a naive unsuspecting pin 4 who isn’t even old enough to leave his motherboard slips into the High Definition Audio clutches of that extra wire.

The matching connector on your case should be labelled accordingly, I know mine is labelled HD Audio. I too had a problem with mic not working with playback OK, and it turned out that probably due to model mismatch in snd-hda-intel options the capture volume controls were mislabeled and the slider that was responsible for the microphone was the one with “Digital” caption.

Intel products Sound cards. Sign up using Email and Password. Your particular front panel looks to me like it is primerally designed for HD audio motherboards but with a hack to give limited support for AC97 boards.

On HDA audio to the front and rear outputs comes from seperate outputs on the audio codec. Booting If your boot hangs on loading the module for snd-hda-intel, try disabling the card in your BIOS. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. The linked articles have more detail on that. On AC97 audio to the rear audio output was looped by the front audio output and plugging in a device to the front panel audio output would electrically disconnect the rear audio output from the audio source.


They also have schemantics on pages 20 and 25 if you care. Sign up using Facebook.

Intel High Definition Audio

No sound at all Low volume output High pitched noise Poor sound quality Sound disappears when touching volume controls Sound works at random after each reboot No mic working Sound only plays through headphones or internal speakers not through attached audio sets Manually Specify Module Parameters First you must find which model of sound card you use, so run this command: The header on the system itself is marked ‘Audio’.

Sometimes the volume control chooses the OSS mixer if the compatibility module is loaded. The configure script is unable to find the autoconf.

Please refer to the official sound debugging guide and Ubuntu Audio Development team’s pages for more up-to-date information. Email Required, but never shown. Contact me skadge -at- gmail azaliia com if you have the same issue. Consequently, a loud audio passage may make the HDA motherboard with AC’97 dongle believe that headphones and microphones are being plugged and unplugged hundreds of times per second.

Just to note, there’s a third kind of connector i came across, labelled azalia – which is aaalia bundle of loose connectors.