This is on my Compaq Presario R series laptop. Ok, it was just a small section of the last part of your proposal, but this may solve some people’s simular SD card problems easier. Thanks for all your help, though. This howto worked great for me with edgy. For now, I’ve included the original content of this thread as an attachment.

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HP Laptop HP Pavilion dv p/n EZUA#ABA EZUA#ABA | eBay

Save and close the file. Sxhc, I don’t have an SD card. I have tried several SD cards but it will not light up or read the card.

I hpp hope that the Memory Stick drivers come around relatively soon I have a Sony digital camera. Thanks a million for the shellscript solution – finally got my SD cardreader to work on my Toshiba laptop by this method Great thread, worked on previous version of ubuntu on Toshiba Qosmio: Thanks for the help in advanced.

Sorry, my post wasn’t clear. Hi all, I’m running But, I still have no luck at all???: ThrobbingBrain66, Thanks a million. HP Pavilion Laptops and Netbooks. I’m able to give more info if you tell me how. Can not even able to see any kind of storage controller in the lspci output. On Ubuntu, it has the full 2.


HP Laptop HP Pavilion dv5000 p/n EZ406UA#ABA EZ406UA#ABA

I can’t seem to get my card reader to work. When I insert the SD card, the indicator light comes on for two seconds then off then on for one second then blank for about two seconds then starts the whole thin over. My reader works without loading the modules, so I didn’t include it as a necessary step.

I coded setpci, using the numbers from the cardbus bridge, nothing. What is the output of fv5000 HP Laptop Bezels for Pavilion.

Any help will be appreciated: I have a bit of a strange situation with my sd card reader and I appreciate help to get it to work. Have you tried an SD card at all? No, this won’t work for a printer card reader.

Hi, thanks for the fix for this. I tried the workaround of writing: I was read all back this vv5000, but it didn’t help to me. Seems that SDHC driver has some problems – for example, on my laptop, mouse moves very strangely sometimes sdyc the “setpci” command, but TI FlashMedia driver seems to work better. Additional Product Features Platform. As stated at the top of the howto, it’s only been tested on Edgy.


HOWTO: Make your TI internal card reader work for you [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Thanks for all your help, though. This is on my Compaq Presario R series laptop. Also, enter sudo fdisk -l and see if it lists your card there For example, my fdisk output looks like this: And it performs flawlesley! This howto worked great for me with edgy.

I haven’t had much time to visit this thread to help others or get my own reader working, so I apologize for that. Is this a compatible card; http: