Die Tasten Arretierung ist nicht so dolle. This works for me and I hope I could help you with this little report. To convert audio files such as music from a CD into the MP3 format, you need an MP3 encoder such as the presently free “Audiograbber” program that can be obtained from www. With an MP3 player that has an integrated battery: Beat appealing; the integrated voice recorder, the ID3 tag display and the six equaliser settings also make the compact audio player a perfect entertainer for music lovers. Tags for this Thread mp3 device , mp3 devices , usb device. Alle mp3’s auf dem Player

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If the malfunction continues after you turn your MP3 player off and on, reset the player or update the firmware the software of the MP3 player. Why are the audio files on my i.

It is not possible to guarantee total compatibility with all Bluetooth loudspeakers and headphones.

Why does the i. Intuitive to use The i. April 10th, 1. If yes, deactivate the key lock as described in i.bea operating instructions.


[SOLVED] MP3-Player: Trekstor cebrax

The Bluetooth function of the i. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Select your desired language under ” Language “. Convert these files into MP3 format using a current iTunes o.beat or a different program. Read all ratings Write your own review.

What Hi-Fi?

Means the files are played in the same order as they are copied to the device storage and therefore the same order as they are listed in the FAT table. Also ehrlich, ich habe den Player jetzt seit ca.

What does the strange characters on my i. Thanks to the USB flash drive function, your favourite music or party playlists can be copied quickly and easily for portable use onto the i.

The character set is not supported Some MP3 players cannot correctly display all characters.

TrekStor i.Beat cebrax 2.0 Mp3 Player

With an MP3 player that has an integrated battery: The files are copy-protected. If the value xebrax goods is less than 40 Euros, please send the package back to us with sufficient postage. Please always contact us before returning any goods.

Intuitive to use The i. If not, start playback on your i. I renamed the files suggestes by Trekstor FAQ.


Thanks to the USB stick function, your favourite tracks or party playlists can be copied quickly and easily onto the i.

Hatte jahrelang das erste Modell dieser Reihe und fand es super. Check beforehand if your i. Der Kontakt war gebrochen.


Why can’t I fast forward and rewind in the i. How can I create MP3 files for my i. If you have any questions concerning the firmware update that were not answered in the instructions, please contact our support team. Der Timer Minuten funktioniert nicht bei mir zumindest – der Player schaltet somit erst ab, wenn die Batterie oder der Akku leer sind.

The graphic display with ibeat and the folder navigation make the audio player easy to use. Why does my i.