As for the earbuds I really like it. Manasa Sirahatti Replied on September 16, The is otherwise a great player. Not only is it in the F series, but also in the H series as well.

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I have an iPod shuffle and comparing it to iRivermy iRiver has better sound quality. Do you receive any error messages or codes? I never bothered with these compressed formats thinking they were all crap I tried mp3but I noticed a loss of treble fidelity.

I want a driver that doesnt have the EQ issues or the joypad issues, wpeed I want a flash that supports lossless encoding, especially. The voice is cristal clear at any volume or kind of music; the usb works really fast and i don’t care if the player is seen as hdd or not.

IFP 700 device driver for Windows 7

As for the earbuds This is all with the bundled headphone. It records as mp3 and you just copy it over to your computer when you hook it up I use the latest UMS drivers.

I had to really, really concentrate on what I was doing with my thumb. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, I recommend Sony Turbo Bass!


Higj was lucky that I had access to another PC. I really only use the FM radio on it I guess thats what its all about plug it into my car with a cassett adapter. Research is the key for any mp3 player; it is after all a young technology and there is not a single player out there without any issues. Nor did it cause me any difficulty when connecting to my computer. And no you can’t bootleg with an iPod. If your bitrate is above 96kbps, then your files are probably coded in variable bit rate,and few frames are falling below 96kbps.

But the problem with these is they press my ears and they inturn press on the stem of my glasses spectaclesand it hurts. Please format the player on Windows only. Sometimes folders would be out of order too. I’m definitely going to purchase one very soon. Enter your epeed terms. Please help on how can I make this device that I have to connect successfully to Windows 7 professional.

Impossibity to fix rebooting bug for a long time tells how much iRiver cares about its users. I’m very happy to find this site, because untill this time i’ve only heard good things about iriver. I can understand their concers, but I want to transfer!

iRiver iFP review: iRiver iFP – CNET

Is it iriver an i with the watery thing that runs through the countryside or irajver. I tested by converting Monkey’s Audio files to a variety of different formats and bit rates using dbPowerAmp music convertor.


The Auto-Sync feature creates a new track whenever it detects pauses during line-in recordings–incredibly handy if you’re recording an audio CD or using the iFP to convert cassettes or vinyl to digital. I think that will be the best solution if I try it in a shop before I buy it.

Thus, we’d recommend that those picky about sound consider looking into replacements. After downloading the firmware file, please uncompress the file.

My new just arrived and I was so excited when I got it. But I have to say that on the first day that I got it I played around alot with it and with the screen being lit up at each press of a button it is quite understandable why the batterie didn’t live for long. To summarise, they are ifl-790 all iFP series and iFP series in Korea because of this exact problem.