Submit a News Tip! Manzur Fahim’s gear list. Thanks for the info. Should I get a new pc for video editing, or just a video editing app? Thank you for your patience. Forgot to mention I have the X38 Express chipset, which I believe is also known as series 3 chipset.

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Thursday, October 8, 4: Issues with New Phone and Lightroom Mobile.

I had a lot of issues when setting up a RAID controller when installing Windows 7 a few months ago, and today I had more problems trying to get an IDE drive to work in the same machine.

Is there a problem with something? Zitat Is there any disavantages of connecting the system sdd to the second sata kmicron

Installing SSD, Windows 7, 64 Bit, Part II, Help!

Then, after the drivers are loaded, see if the SSD shows up in the list asking where to install Windows it should at that point. All times are GMT Please guide me to the correct iaStor–iaStor.

Only modifying register df[1: Saturday, October 24, 7: Or do I have to install your modded ich9 driver? Tuesday, April 27, 2: In my case, Windows has never passed the logo after changing sata mode to ahci in bios. But you still have me a bit confused on which driver to pre-install for AHCI.


I did run the Update Advisor and have everything pretty much under control with new drivers ready, except for my Canon flatbed scanner that I think will have a driver included imicron Windows 7 or an update on Canon’s website.

Installing SSD, Windows 7, 64 Bit, Part II, Help!: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

By the way, I am very surprised Windows 7 had scheduled defragment automatically when I have a SSD drive–they should not be defragged.

All you get then is the same standard mumbo jumbo: Wed Jan 21, 7: Manzur Fahim’s gear list: Net with Bruno Terkaly. This would save most likely having to do a reinstall of the OS if you decide to add raid in the future.

Three Windows installs in less than 48 hours and four in less than three weeks in the same computer just drove me a little wild. A JMicron-specific driver is available only for Windows. Jjmicron and then click the following registry subkey: This changes mov cl, 0x02 to mov cl, 0x And ahi purely software thats causing this cuz when on Raid you can detect newly added SATA devices so go figure eh Thnx Asus support for never picking up the phone and never adressing or fixing issues when people have some serious issues.


All times are GMT It would require a new clean install of the OS. Thus it seems like setting 0x41[7: If your board has a TurboMemory slot and you use it, you will need the Matrix storage manager.

I want to use latest bios because it will be better 1. It does make sense, if they activate it, they know how much they have and how to use it windods efficiently. I also noticed that Gigabyte had a specific Win 7 bit audio driver and lan driver here.

Btw, thank you for the heads-up, Cappie. I think what you want is to change b1 02 to b1