If you are posting a link, picture, or video, especially if it is your own content: Linkin to piracy-centric subs also prohibited. Submit a new text post. I have done a complete re-install just in case. This is what I did. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have the same piano and run it through ableton live.

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Korg SP-250 User Manual: Midi Implementation Chart

Pedal effects The oorg damper pedal will function as a half-damper pedal, allowing you to vary the damper effect by how far you press the pedal. As a complete novice please help me connect my keyboard. Want to add to the discussion?

In the spirit of Korg’s SP digital piano, which was highly acclaimed for its distinctive design, the SP achieves an even more stylish appearance. Ableton doesn’t have any control surface already installed for this keyboard so I can’t select anything on the list.

The Key Touch Control function gives you three levels of adjustment to specify how your playing dynamics will affect the output, letting you enjoy performing in a way that suits your own playing touch. I am getting so frustrated as I was really looking forward to spending the holiday getting into Ableton.

I’ve just had a similar problem with Sibellius 2 weeks ago so it’s xp250 a freak one off. The little box in the top right corner doesn’t react when I play the piano.


It might take a while before my beats turn sweet though: Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post.

Korg SP-250 problem: MIDI Controller

I have a Zoom H4 ,idi and kirg drivers installed with Cubase korb. It also lets you use a bell sound as the accent. From the Goodwill Collection. News Location Social Media.

If it’s through a midi interface those come in a different variety, I’m assuming you got one that’s just 2 Male midi connectors on one side and a USB plug on the other, with a little box thingy in the middle l then you just have to go to your ableton preferences onto the midi page and switch the first input and output on the top to those that match the description of said interface. Touch Control function Choose one of three settings that specify how the sound will respond to your playing dynamics.

Standard Midi Settings; Selecting The Transmission Channel – Korg SP User Manual [Page 28]

Anybody using Korg X5 for midi. The built-in metronome lets you adjust the time signature, tempo, and volume.

If ableton still isn’t recognizing the piano buy a new cable. Feel free to volunteer great resources you find on the net regarding writing music, the Ableton DAW, or tutorials and the like.

Last edited by findin4; at I had to spend a half day visiting a local music store where a kind salesperson tried to help me. Definitely make sure the out side of cable is plugged into the midi in on your piano, and the out is plugged into the in. Newly designed stand is light and easy to attach A sturdy metal stand is included.


Metronome The built-in metronome lets you adjust the time signature, tempo, and volume. Now some 2 weeks from purchase I can finally start using it. The Natural Weighted Hammer Action NH keyboard provides the same playing feel as on an acoustic piano, with heavier action in the lower register and a lighter response as you play upward into the higher register, and allowing the nuances of your playing to be faithfully expressed by the sound.

Click here before mixi for something. Setup is easy, and leaves the floor uncluttered. Please help me out. This gives you three pedals just as on an acoustic piano, and is recommended for the serious piano student or performer.

I have looked in device manager and there is nothing that looks like digidesign drivers. It’s a cable like the one you spp250. You also have a choice of color—black or white—to best suit the atmosphere of your room. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.