The current version, 0. Note, there may be many more pages out there. The backlight on my Thinkpad T21 died over the July 4th holiday. It seems pretty clear that both the Latitude X and the Gateway are really Samsung Q10’s with minor modifications. Dell Latitude X Bang for Buck: We will assist in any way we can to make your experience the best it can be!

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Floppy drive in docking unit was about as fast as continental drift, however. In particular, change the define on line to read:. See the latitudw below.

As with almost all Dell luggables, X has a swell keyboard. Maybe they only used one coat of paint…. There aren’t very many pages on this machine yet.

Linux on a Dell Latitude x200

This is a fantastic laptop. The C and the X share quite a few components in common and this site has good information on how to configure these components for Linux.

Then latiture screen goes white and the machine is locked up. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. When things work in FreeBSD, it is so much easier to configure.


Dell Latitude X –

I have tried to play an audio CD, the disk spins and the cdplayer thinks it is making progress. I can read and write CDs. This makes the modem work, but I suspect that something more is needed as I do not hear any of the standard modem sounds when the modem layitude dialing or connecting. Once the disk has been connected, you should insert the following modules:. The sound card sort of works. I do latituude have a desktop in my office and rarely use my desktop at home. Would have garnered an even higher rating, latitudf X seems a bit on the pricey side to us.

Latitude passed the MD test, playing Sketches from Spain just fine, although sound was a bit tinny. Thin is in laittude notebook computers, but how about the computer makers themselves — how much cash do they keep on hand?

Both portables feature I live on my laptop. Compatible with the following notebooks. This was taken from Liberating the Dell Latitude C This machine has three USB controllers!


It worked fine, mind you.

If you need something that isn’t documented, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll try to answer your question. This mldem say more about our belly than the notebook. I have been running Linux on laptops since when I convinced my wife that it would be OK to buy that Sharp notebook.

New other see details. In order to make this visible, you also need to mount the usbdevfs filesystem. I can move the mouse cursor for several seconds after plugging in the power cord.

X11 works, although you need to run XFree86 4.

Liberating the Dell Latitude C Both notebooks offer same port configurations.