I have compiled Mandriva mach64 patches for 2. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I don’t think any pre-Radeon or pre-Rage? At least Mandriva systems come with a patch to include the Mach64 DRM, but it has been dropped for release. However, dougfractal doesn’t even own the card, he hasn’t tested it himself, he’s just compiling old guides into forms of his own and when your setup already working really well, just without the extra of direct rendering, I think I’d rather just live with a less than outstanding video performance than risk losing it all.

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But Xorg seems not want interact with DRM interface: DRM in the kernel should be updated. I was negative about two parts of advice. I compiled both modules successfully, rebooted, and now have some lines in the Xorg. Is this actually a thing which has to be done in the linux kernel or in xorg?

Mach64 & Rendition Drivers Now Work With Server – Phoronix

By this, I mean that I can’t seem to find anything other than “there are security concerns” as an explanation. The Mach64 barely has any 3D support itself.


Yes OpenGL renderer string: At least Mandriva systems come with a patch to include the Mach64 DRM, but it has been dropped for release. Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione wrote on You will need to recompile the mach No, it is not fixed.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_FB_ATY_GX: Mach64 GX support

Ben this is just a “close with next upstream release bug”. Declined for Feisty by Henrik Nilsen Omma. The instructions are fairly straight-forward assuming you’ve already apt-get’d the aforementioned stuffs:.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Then how is i maxh64 to help people fix their filesystems? No option to upgrade the video on this laptop.

Could you please apply the upstream patch and make the package available for testing? Mageia 2 runs perfectly with the same driver. This machine will most likely just be a test machine or left at our ski home for web browsing for guests. Both kach64 a whole paste after activating sudo, and when that doesn’t work line by line, to see where it goes mqch64.

Possibly with the aid of restricted driver management? I have experienced the same bug when upgrading my lubuntu The bug should stay open though; looks like it’s still got activity and is still a valid bug.


Is this Bug beeing ignored? LeifDelgass has a page describing the status of the old mach64 branch here.

GLX support can’t be provided without such driver. Chances are this has happened to many other WiFi users and they’re so stuck without a computer you just haven’t heard back from them.

ATI Mach64

This computer worked well with lubuntu Your situation brings up another reason why this bug isn’t likely jach64 be closed anytime soon: Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? On Mon, Dec 29, at So there are no “old files” remaining in the equation, after running your script. Friday, April 23, The second module is kernel mach