Some are unable to mount any disc of any kind. The screen is completely dark and does not react although I removed the batery and power cord. The first drive was replaced, but the problem persisted. I’ve been using Macs exlusively since the 80s. Some users who found their optical drive? Don’t show this again.

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I specifically asked the Genius if this was a common problem and was told “absolutely not”. Everyone here knows that it is a problem.

Matshita dvd-r uje firmware download

Others say that the drive will no longer accept disks at all. Upon return it was fine. I bought my Macbook because I was impressed with its workmanship and dependability.

Symptoms and Variables — These SuperDrive-related problems evince a few common symptoms: Thank you so much for this aggregation.

Now, its not a ‘good’ solution, but its handy when you are short of time This article is an excellent summation of an ongoing and growing problem. The update was already running! Nice write-up here with pictures of much of what I’ve just described Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.


Exploring Widespread SuperDrive Problems

After suffering a remote install of It is a widespread ju, and nothing to do with Snow Leopard since I haven’t gone there yet. Successes, failures, repeating dialog Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater. Thread starter Doctor X Start date Mar 16, Computers SuperDrive Firmware Update 2.

It appears that after the firmware update, the optical drive?

The last thing you want to do is to disable your internal optical drive, since this may leave you with no way to run your system installer disks in case you need to reinstall the system. When the installer closed up popped the firmware updater?

Currently I don’t need to use CDs much, but it’s annoying that the problem has never really been diagnosed. I have lost both Superdrive and external lacie DL burning. Doctor X Registered Mar 19, I’ll now have to save money to buy a cheap Dell as a backup computer.

But its frustrating, and I am glad that I have found this forum and other info on this, as we thought the problem was only our iMac.


Last week I bought a replacement internal Superdrive from macsales. This has been a problem not only with Superdrives.

That may seem a stupid question, but this was replaced about a year ago by an Official Apple Certified Marshita. Download the standalone updater. If only Apple or any manufacturer would offer the honest level of practical detail and candor that your article provides. To guard against this, we suggest you make a disk image copy of your system installer disk before performing this firmware update.

MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E Firmware ZF1E download

Typical of the idea of TidBits, your article is “the missing link” in owning a Mac. The screen is completely dark and does not react although I removed the batery and power cord.

The use of a DVD cleaning disc fixed it, and fixed 857r again a few months later when it once again started rejecting blank CD-Rs.