Also, and most importantly, this will provide PRI employees, along with UHS employees, opportunities for career growth as part of a larger company servicing more customers with more products and services. Bruce As a public company we are filing significant and substantial disclosures with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and those files are public files open to all our employees and the public in general. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved of the notes or passed upon the accuracy or the adequacy of this pricing supplement or the accompanying prospectus supplements and prospectus. The following examples illustrate how the total returns set forth in the table and graph above are calculated. Selected Risk Considerations An investment in the notes involves significant risks.

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Under these circumstances, your maximum return at maturity will be As a result, the price, if any, at which JPMSI will be willing to purchase notes from you in secondary market transactions, if at all, will likely be midk than the original issue price, and any sale prior to the maturity date could result in a substantial loss to you. Arseniy Golovko Vice Adm.

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During its passage through the North Sea the Fleet mistook a fleet of British fishing boats for Japanese torpedo boats and opened fire, killing three sailors in what is known as the ” Dogger Bank incident “. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Baltic Fleet. The notes priced on August 8, and are expected to settle on or about August 13, Kaliningrad HQ Baltiysk Kronshtadt. The lowest closing level of the Index during the Monitoring Period wasthe highest closing level of the Index during the Monitoring Period wasand the Ending Index Level was Polish 9th Armd Cav Bde.


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We are a company that has been around for 70 years. Prospectus dated December 1, In the late s the th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade and the remnant of the 11th Guards Army of the Baltic Military District were subordinated to a single command named the Ground and Coastal Forces of the Baltic Fleet misl a deputy fleet commander.

As one company we can only become better. Since its inception, the Index has experienced significant volatility.

In addition, we are currently one of the companies that make up the Index. Because the notes are our senior unsecured obligations, payment of any amount at maturity is subject to our ability to pay our obligations as they become due.

Archived from the original on 18 October Benefits of Working Together Speaker: Baltic Fleet of Russian Navy.

However, for most of the war the fleet was trapped by German and Finnish minefields in Leningrad and nearby Kronstadt, the only bases left in Soviet hands on the Baltic coast.

Far from being reduced in importance, operations of the Red-Banner Baltic Fleet during the early- Cold War period earned it a great amount mizk prestige and profile, with the second awarding of the Order of Red Banner being presented on 7 May when the Fleet was again renamed to Twice Red-Banner Baltic Fleet.


UHS has strong relationships and an excellent reputation with hospitals across the entire United Mm102, but currently are not servicing the operating rooms of these facilities. It was disbanded on 1 September Ships and submarines commissioned to the fleet included Soviet submarine Ma Project short-range attack diesel submarine of the Soviet Navy.

White movement fleet — Retrieved 16 July This role was under-rated from the blue water navies perspective, but was seen as a highly valuable one msik the strategic perspective of the Soviet General Staff planning. Archived from the original on 20 February Amount of Registration Fee 1 2.

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Also, we have scheduled two times where you can call in and hear more about the transaction and have your questions answered. Today it is the St. During the series of Russo-Turkish Wars,,the fleet sailed into the Mediterranean Sea on the First and Second Archipelago Expeditions and destroyed the Ottoman Imperial Navy at the sea Battles of Chesmathe DardanellesAthosand Navarino This will help us expand our ability to sell more PRI services to our existing customers and to customers in miks geographic markets.

Retrieved 17 May Title of Each Class of Securities Offered.