Schuylkill Haven, PA Registered: I haven’t touched my Intuos this this guy arrived. You have never failed to provide me with quality equipment over the past six years I’ve used your products, so do me and everyone else here a favor and HELP US. I find it really annoying that monoprice as a corporation that I have a lot of respect for, but there is still very little in the way of support towards these things. Did you even try to cover this up? Where does the Monoprice fall down?

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It’s the damn drivers! And this is a pity- Because in all aspects but ONE, the monoprice is equal to it’s wacom intuos rival tablet, at a fraction of the price.

At this point, I’m stuck at figuring out how to go about this next and could use some insight. I use it to hand write recipes as typing is difficult for my hands, and the handwriting recognition is wonderful.

I suggest it to any newcomers to the 12c9 art era. I don’t know if this is still a problem for you, but I think you need to remove any Wacom drivers you may have before installing the Monoprice drivers.


Jul 1, Posts: Pen is very flimsy and feels like it will break when you’re putting the battery in.

The tablet is powered via 1×29, and will activate once you touch the pen to the surface. For quality vs price, you’re absolutely thrashing Wacom.

Monoprice 12×9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

Feb 27, Posts: My Mac has no cd drive. I recommend this to everyone. Ooklah Ars Centurion Registered: Price was a consideration, yablet this tablet is an absolute value.

If you’re a heavy tablet user it’s worth the investment and I’ve had better luck with their drivers.

This tablet is also far more sensitive than my wacom bamboo funn, which surprised me greatly! Some of us – if not most – now monopricw Windows I have a Monoprice 8×6 tablet I got the other year. All around I love this tablet. I taablet it really annoying that monoprice as a corporation that I have a lot of respect for, but there is still very little in the way of support towards these things.

Monoprice 12×9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet | eBay

This time though I did not get any pen pressure or anything else. Learn more about Monoprice Business. The grip on the pen is great, unlike wacoms hard plastic, and the battery is fairly easy to change out.

The driver looks like it was made in the s and finding an up-to-date one is impossible. My productivity has increased immeasurably with this tablet – and that means more work in less time, and more money in my pocket: It also does not work on a dual screen system.


Monoprice Tablet Drivers Help

Tqblet that happens I find shaking the pen to be the best solution. Jul 8, Posts: Before I had to format my harddrive, it worked It’s much larger than the 9×12 drawing space, with it’s boarder its actually 15x Mods probably thought you were talking about an Android tablet. Questions For Similar Products. You won’t regret it. As long as this issue of replacement nibs is resolved, you will not be disappointed with your tableet. Still doesn’t work pressure sensitive with photoshop The Instructions and the Help Options don’t even match up.

Not to mention that the pens’ weight, because of the AAA, makes it feel like a real pen.