Boot Virus Detection [Enabled] This field allows you to set boot virus detection, ensuring a virus-free boot sector. Troubleshooting MB will always function. Power Menu Shuts down any IDE hard disk drives in the system after a period of inactivity as set in this user-configurable field. Set up the BIOS if necessary. SMBus is a multi-device bus that permits multiple chips to connect to the same bus and enable each one to act as a master by initiating data transfer.

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Change to [Read Only] for reading disks. You can type up to eight alphanumeric characters. Installation Of Audio Codec Drivers: AGP slot on your motherboard.

Go to the Device Manager. Careless updating may result to more problems with the motherboard!

ASUS A7N, Socket A, AMD (A7NVM) Motherboard | eBay

How this guide is organized Don’t have an account? This module mounts to a small opening on system chassis that support this feature. Unplug the power cord before installing the motherboard. Make sure to unplug the power supply before adding or removing DIMMs or other system components. Page Chapter 6: Agp Slot AGP slot on your motherboard. Table Of Contents How this guide is organized Page 41 SMBus devices.


Follow the instructions to manually adjust the brightness level of the monitor. With such a device, select a base address from the options. Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer.

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If you encounter problems while updating the new BIOS, Page 20 COM2 Optional components are grayed in the above motherboard layout. The next step repeats the color matching process to achieve full color quality.

Click on the bottom left button jotherboard connect to the internet and follow the instructions.

Sometimes I have to reboot the machine for up to 20 minutes to finally get into windows. This is the memory of choice for best performance vs. I was editing my post as your were replying to me.

I have also removed and replaced the jumper to make sure that was not the fault. Because the BIOS software is constantly being updated, the following BIOS setup screens and descriptions are for reference purposes only, and motherboars not exactly match what you see on your screen.


MB will always function. The default setting for each field is [Auto], which utilizes auto-routing to determine IRQ assignments.

ASUS A7N266-VM – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – nForce 220-D Series

Select this option only if you do not want to save the changes that you made to the Setup program. Originally posted motherboadd Womble I have been right through the manual and there is nothing in there.

Cyberlink Videolive Mail 5. This parameter is normally disabled because the resources used in the SMART monitoring feature may decrease system performance.

ASUS A7N266-VM, Socket A, AMD (A7N266-VM/AA) Motherboard

Discard Changes Load Setup Defaults This option allows you to load the default values for each of the parameters on the Setup menus.

In a standard design configuration, 16 IRQs are available but most are already in use. Installs support for the Audio system.