At least thats what the german ubuntu forum claims here. The difference in dmesg is: If this is succesful you should get something like this on sudo lsmod grep af I used this stick with hardy and I did mostly the same. I re-tried and it still doesn’t work.

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Kernel team bugs When, for some reason, the modules are gone deleted, overwritten with “sudo make install” U can put them back in their places. Do you know something I could additionally try? Do I have to load modules? I had to reboot with the earlier kernel to compile and cigivox.

I suspect that the supplied ariel may work if you live next door to the transmitter but seems pretty useless any where else! That problem seemed to be fixed by updating to a 3.

I tried installing it on Gentoo but didn’t get very far seems to be to do with the way i compiled my kernel. Depending on how your distribution does things, copy it to the firmware directory which is usaually one of the two below: However, in my case it wasn’t necessary to manually load the module.


If yes, with “lsmod grep af” as root U can find out if the module is loaded. Therefore, one would have to find the drivers from the v4l website.

I’m glad I could help. Now everything seems to work seamlessly. If that’s another problem, where can I get help for this? However, I had a problem installing the kernel module with a 3. Manually, this is done by the command as root:.

MSI DigiVOX mini II USB 2.0 DVB-T Receiver

Can I now remove the cloned repositories from my home folder or will this destroy everything? If I did make install, I had lost the support for the webcam uvcvideo. I tried manually compiling and installing the latest v4l and af without any efforts.

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MSI DIGIVOX mini III – LinuxTVWiki

USB disconnect, address 2 [ Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on USB disconnect, address 9 [ Whats the output of dmesg after you plug in the stick?


To permanently store the option, you will need to edit modprobe’s configuration files.

Retrieved from ” https: This receiver works really well on my Vista pc using the outside TV ariel. Lnux Questions Reviews Write new When i switch back to 2.

Re: [linux-dvb] MSI DigiVOX mini II v

Overall very happy with the product. Mwi a script by Daniel Holm, it is very easy to install the driver on older ubuntu versions. Fixing fullspeed to highspeed interval: Be careful in case you’ve recompiled your kernel and built this option in. Several versions of the firmware can be found here. Just in case you were wondering V3.